Über Uns_Theresa Franz.jpgHi Curlies,

Welcome to Curly Chocolate Hamburg, a shop for people with natural hair (curly, wavy, frizzy, me spirals, afro, dreadlocks).

I am an African woman who has been living in Germany for more than 20 years. As an African, there was nothing more splendid for me then than to have smooth hair.

But then I became the mother of two beautiful Afro-German children. The changes that made her hair go through as she grew older, amazed me. But somehow, I never seemed to get the right product to give her hair that certain last nice touch. It took over 7 years to get good, natural and organic products for my children.

Through this search, I soon realized that we all need different hair products to get similar results: beautiful hair. It dawned on me how difficult it is for mothers with multi-ethnic children in Europe to find the right product without having previously encountered problems with curly, frizzy, Afro or wavy hair.

So I decided to make it easier for us to make Curlies, Wavies, Kinkies and Afrobabes. Yes, you still need a lot of patience - but nice things do not come by themselves!

Where the name "Curly Chocolate" comes from:

To tell this story, I had to get my son's permission:

My daughter came home one day. She was just two years old at the time and told her brother that she no longer wanted to have her curly hair and light brown skin. She wanted straight hair and a different skin color. She cried bitterly. Before I could say anything, her big brother (5 years old) said:

"Do not cry because we are beautiful people. We are all like chocolates. Papa is the white chocolate, Mama is the dark chocolate and we are the whole milk chocolate. We combine the best of both chocolates and are the most delicious chocolate of all. And o is also our hair different: Papas is wavy, Mamas is Afro and we are mixed. That is why we are so beautiful. "

She was comforted and I was speechless, only looking at him and his sister. You're right, I thought, we're beautiful. We all! I cried tears of joy and realized that my son had already understood the most important thing in life: to love oneself. And this importance of chocolates remained in my memory.

It is hilarious to go here in Germany to the hairdresser and notice that they are afraid to touch your hair. You spend a lot of money, but you never really get the right thing.

Curly Chocolate is a center for exchanging views and experiences to get advice and buy the right products for your hair type.

Natural hair is not boring, it is wonderful! I always had smooth hair, extensions, wigs, etc. - but by finding the right products for my children, I have learned to love my naturally worn hair.

We just need to make sure we get good care for our hair. And find this care here.

I hope my words will inspire you a little and you will find on this page the right products for your hair splendor. Only together can we make the world a beautiful place and celebrate our curls.

Celebrate your natural hair. It's nice!

Be yourself, be nice.


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